Light and Space Contemporary Gallery, Quezon City, Philippines







"0, 7, 17, 27"
Installation and Performance

Four new media artists at Light and Space Contemporary

Throughout their production for the exhibition, the group has consistently been deeply involved in fostering a collaborative relationship that has affected the outcome of their work in no small measure. They are easily-recognized for their immersive multimedia works which behave evenly as a group. Incorporating dramatic footages and music into their visually striking installations, the artists create engaging and transcendent multisensory experiences which draw the viewer into ambiguous and unsettling narratives. Their works address grand themes centered on adaptation, hinting on issues of displacement, voyeurism, and desire. Providing only fragments of information, the completion of the storylines, images and thoughts are left to be formed in the minds of the individual viewers.

The artists have created a series of works that turn their interest in the subject of adaptation away from the grand spectacle of the carnival to focus instead on the intimacy of the imagination. Their digital explorations further the narrative potential of the technology as extensions of human function.

Eya's “Twenty-Seven,” a performance in a box, functions as an interactive piece. To see the piece is to encounter someone’s private process of dealing with adaptation. It is a view of the mental and psychological conditions instead of just the physical aspect of adaptation. The audience, assuming the role of a voyeur, may experience the clarity of his message from the raw juxtaposition of the human body to such mediated forms of video, simultaneously as the body is played like an instrument; an accompanying sound from the video is playing. A contrast emerges which is telling of a current tendency to inundate ourselves with excessive information. The virtual image of the artist is projected as the proxy of the physical self that acts as a steward for our mortal being. As an investigation of knowledge, time, and our relationship to objects and environment, Twenty-seven creates an introspective experience.