Active Vista HUMAN RIGHTS Exhibit, SHANGRI-LA, Pasig City, Philippines





"Truth in Projections"
Photography and Film Stills

Through the Moving Pictures Exhibit, we capture the most memorable scenes that show human emotions and experiences, which even words will fail to express. Because even language – however rich, eloquent, or glided in literary device – still becomes consciously inept in the face of a brilliant photograph. When photos capture preciseness with all the perfection of a fleshed-out and entirely lucid emotion, words become extraneous. In this exhibit, not only do we become witnesses to slivers of life’s intricacy, absurdity, depth, and chilling beauty as portrayed by filmmakers in their cinema, but also, we become a part of the projected truths cinema echo.

Featuring some of the most meaningful film stills from some of the most well-crafted and important films in the recent years of Philippine cinema, with an element of human interaction in each photograph, this exhibit invites us to submerge ourselves deeper into the truths in projections.