A community-based collaborative ART project from the people and for the peoplE

Ralph Eya’s ‘Common’ works as a clever piece of disruption… The installation invites us to consider how similar we are to all the other people who can just
as easily occupy the same space.

On February 2018, Philippine National Arts Month, the interactive mural installation Common was born. It was presented at the Fringe Arts Festival Manila in partnership with Commune PH and Pineapple Lab.Supported by the Paris Megacities Urban Planning and Social Impact Initiative Prize and in line with Eya’s artistic practice, the idea of Common was then developed to become a socially engaged art program. Now called WE ARE COMMON, the program integrates rights education, community engagement, and public art. It intends to contribute in transforming lives of individuals and the youth by communicating various causes and advocacies and by extending platforms of creativity that facilitates the essential promotion of our identity, capacity, and our relationship with our cultural community and the world.

WE ARE COMMON is a visceral moment of connection from the people and for the people. It invites us all to harness our freedom of thought, engage with others, and tap on our innermost identities. It attempts to influence perception of ourselves which can consequently effect attitudinal change on how we see others and how we value our togetherness. We might be different from one another, but what make us all the same is we are all people – people with commonality, people with humanity, people capable of understanding, compassion, and respect of every person’s rights and dignity.

Because each and every race, gender, color, status, religion, language, and nationality, at the end of it all... WE ARE COMMON.